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Depression, a complex and sometimes debilitating mental health condition, has a profound impact on both mental and physical health. It’s not merely an affliction of thoughts and emotions; in many cases, depression manifests itself through physical symptoms that leave patients searching for relief.

The key to treating – and ultimately curing – depression may come from understanding the mind-body connection.


What is the Mind-Body Connection?

lit up brainSimply put, the mind-body connection refers to the link between an individual’s thoughts, stressors, behaviors, and their physical well-being. Although scientists have recognized for some time that emotions can impact our physical health, our understanding of how these emotions influence overall health and longevity is continually evolving.

The mind-body connection holds significant importance for medical treatment that focuses on addressing the entire individual rather than merely addressing symptoms. As patients continue to struggle to find lasting results through traditional medications, the value of acknowledging and nurturing the connection between mental and emotional well-being and physical health has become more essential to treating the root cause of depression.

It is well-established that activities and choices we make regarding our physical body can have significant impacts on our mental health. Poor diet, lack of exercise, or a chronic lack of sleep have all been linked as contributing factors to poor mental health.

The mind-body connection acknowledges the relationship between our thoughts, behaviors, emotions, and actions. Understanding this relationship has helped researchers to discover new treatments for depression and other mental health conditions, such as anxiety, OCD, and PTSD that have a deep impact on physical health and behavior while also impacting mental health.

As medical technology continues to evolve, a new treatment has been developed that takes advantage of the mind-body connection in order to deliver relief to those suffering from the mental and physical effects of depression: TMS (transcranial magnetic stimulation)


How Does TMS Treat Depression?

It is clear that depression is not just a mental disorder. It has profound physical manifestations, including symptoms such as fatigue, weight changes, headaches, and chronic joint pain. Too many depression treatments work by alleviating symptoms – either physical or mental – without addressing underlying root causes.

TMS goes beyond symptom management by helping the mind to adapt and generate new growth. TMS treats the brain directly, rather than seeking to alleviate symptoms. Using an FDA-approved TMS device, a trained technician uses magnetic impulses to create a stimulus/response mechanism in the brain. This stimulus prompts the brain into action. The brain responds by creating new, healthy neural pathways. This treatment method offers individuals struggling with depression an effective depression treatment that incorporates the interconnected nature of both mental and physical health.

The mental health benefits of TMS treatment also produce physical health benefits. Patients who receive TMS often report enhanced energy levels, better sleep quality, reduced bodily pain, and overall better brain function, such as memory improvement. Mood, energy, resilience, and emotional health are all improved as patients continue through the course of TMS treatment.


 Who Should Consider TMS?

TMS is an ideal depression treatment for several types of patients:

 Prefer a non-pharmaceutical depression treatment

TMS does not use any drugs to treat depression. TMS uses the body’s natural healing power – prompted and stimulated through magnetic stimuli – to provide long-term relief from depression. Patients concerned about side effects from antidepressants or who don’t feel “normal” on antidepressants particularly like TMS because of its non-pharmaceutical nature. Because it doesn’t mask emotions or symptoms, TMS is an ideal treatment option for patients looking for a treatment that directly addresses the mind-body connection for mental health.

Committed for long-term results

Healing takes time, whether physical, mental, or emotional healing. TMS is a daily treatment provided over several weeks. This treatment period provides the time necessary for the brain to adapt and heal. Patients who are committed to seeing long-term results have a high success rate with TMS treatment.

Want to use Insurance coverage

The good news for patients is that most major insurance plans cover TMS treatment for depression. TMS is FDA-approved for depression treatment for major depressive disorder and treatment-resistant depression in adults 18 and over. Patients must meet insurance company eligibility criteria to qualify, but once approved for treatment, the patient’s insurance will cover some or all of the cost of treatment.

Diagnosed with treatment-resistant depression

Patients with treatment-resistant depression can become frustrated at the lack of results from antidepressants or other depression treatments. TMS has been repeatedly studied with patient populations who have been diagnosed with treatment-resistant depression. In treatment-resistant patients, TMS achieves response and remission rates even higher than antidepressants – making it a fantastic treatment option for patients who have tried antidepressants that didn’t work for them.


 Why Choose Ampelis Health?

At Ampelis Health, we are committed to helping you achieve a balanced state of being, both mentally and physically. Rather than treating symptoms, our innovative approach aims to identify and treat the root cause of your depression. By considering the profound link between mind and body, we can unlock new avenues for treating depression and enhancing overall quality of life.

Our Ampelis Coaching program, while not a direct treatment for depression, has proven to be a life-changing program that helps patients continue their progress even after TMS has finished. Ampelis Coaching provides tools and guidance to help people live meaningful lives. The program utilizes the principles of the mind-body connection to improve health, happiness, and quality of life.

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