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Small Actions Create Meaningful Change

Achieving and maintaining positive mental health encompasses all areas of our lives. Diet and nutrition, exercise, sleeping habits, our relationships with others, our primary thought patterns, and many other aspects play a direct role in our mental health.

Making changes in life can be difficult. Whether changing lifestyle habits, relationships, or unhealthy thinking patterns, efforts to change often fall short of our desired outcomes. Understanding how to make these efforts natural and straightforward is an integral part of the ongoing journey of mental wellness and meaningful living.

To help our patients attain and maintain positive mental health, we created a complete mental health education program delivered through a mobile app. The extensively researched, evidence-based curriculum teaches lifelong principles of mental health, wellness, and meaningful living.


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Daily steps, Lifetime Impact

All patients, not just TMS patients, at Ampelis Health benefit from engaging with this rich curriculum and lifelong access to the Ampelis mobile app.

A new module arrives each day. Every module focuses on one key aspect of improving mental health. The modules contain both instructional material and simple, self-directed exercises.

Step-by-step make progress along your journey to positivity, meaningful living, and better physical and mental health.

At Ampelis, we offer our patients more, with coaching, treatments, education, and resources that build a foundation of healthy habits, lifestyle changes, and positive thinking that deliver life-long mental health benefits.


“The combination of the TMS treatment with the therapeutic modules is remarkably effective. I would encourage anyone that seeks treatment from them to do the modules in addition to the TMS, because it really does help.”


Google Review from an Ampelis Patient


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Course Topics

The education modules deliver instruction and exercises drawn from a rich library of source material such as videos, images, examples, and activities. The entire course is the result of extensive research into the science of meaningfulness and happiness, backed by evidence-based principles. The course walks the user step-by-step along a journey of greater mindfulness, awareness, and personal growth.

Module 1 Our Brains Can Adapt

Training our brains to adapt in positive ways, so we can reap the benefits of healthier brain function

Module 2 – Mindfulness and Meditation

How to recharge ourselves – body, mind, and spirit – and realign our bodies with our minds for greater clarity

Module 3 – Finding Motivation

Finding and keeping motivation over the long haul to enact the changes that we want, and make them stick

Module 4 – The Power of Gratitude

The surprising link between gratitude and happiness has been studied and researched. Cultivating gratitude unlocks the secret key to happiness.

Module 5 – Discovering Meaning

How to develop and cultivate meaning in our lives. Learning the science of being happy to understand what it means for us.

Module 6 – Moving Forward

Putting it all together and moving forward, renewed and reinvigorated.




The Journey Beckons

At a time when individuals have more “connections,” more information, and more material comforts than ever before, many of us struggle to feel joy, purpose, hope, and fulfillment. When a person cultivates meaning in their life, they are more equipped to maintain hope, peace, and contentment through the ups and downs of life.

By drawing on sound principles from philosophy, psychology, sociology, classic literature, theology, and personal reflections, the Ampelis education modules help each of us in our pursuit of meaning through the development of self, relationships with others, and cultivating spirituality.


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Only Ampelis Health offers a comprehensive treatment plan with psychiatric consultation, medication options, ketamine, and TMS accompanied by our rich curriculum of self-development. Take the next step by calling Ampelis today at 435-776-5909 to cultivate more meaning in your life!

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