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The Ampelis Health Difference

Our mission at Ampelis is to help individuals, families, and organizations to cultivate and live more meaningful lives.

The name “Ampelis” is a Greek word meaning “vine”. At Ampelis, we hope our message, curriculum, resources, and training will spread across the country like a vine, nourishing and bringing renewed life to those it touches. The principles we share are time-tested, evidence-based solutions that help people achieve meaningfulness in their lives.


More Than Mental Health

Ampelis Health is focused and committed to helping people achieve mental wellness. We feel that mental wellness is more than focusing on mental health conditions and responding with medications.  We will work with you to understand the underlying causes and contributors to your mental health condition and provide a holistic, patient-centered plan that will include the best of traditional psychiatry and integrative, preventative medicine to promote long term wellness.

At Ampelis Health you have access to a collaborative team of experts in positive psychology, psychiatry, marriage and family therapy, nutrition, habit and behavior development, mindfulness and meditation.

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Finding Meaning and Purpose

The Ampelis education, tools, and personalized coaching turn this awakening into reality as our clients apply these principles in their lives. Through that process they discover deeper meaning and purpose in life.

Once someone discovers and lives these principles, they become fully energized. Enthusiastically, they share the things they have learned with others, helping them to cultivate meaning in their life as well. And the vine continues to grow.

We care deeply about every single person that comes into our clinic. We know the challenges that bring patients to us, and we honor and respect each and every patient that comes through our door. Our empathy shows in our online reviews, it shows in our patient experience, and it shows in our patient outcomes. We recognize the innate self-worth of each individual, regardless of where they are at in their personal journey.


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